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A custom marketing plan is critical to hiring an agent and selling your home. If you don't want to sell for less than you could, getting the most buyers in your property is key. Marketing is the key to driving the most buyers to a listing.

Many agents have a "canned" marketing plan that they use for every listing. While some components of their marketing will work well on some properties it may not on others. My marketing plans are custom for every home

I use a combination of marketing tools and techniques to maximize the traffic to your listing

These marketing tools will include the following along with many more

  • Professional Quality Photos - taken at the most appropriate time of day. Some homes will photograph best in the evening to capture deep blue skies and accentuate the contrasting colors inside the home. Other homes look best during the day with bright sunlight on the front of the home. We will choose the best time to make the photos look great.
  • Virtual Tours - Some properties will be greatly enhanced in their online presence with the use of a high quality virtual tour. I use a professional quality camera, standard lens, and the best in virtual tour equipment. If you have looked through MLS listings you have seen virtual tours that look like you are in a fish bowl touring the home. This is caused by the photographer using a fisheye lens which saves them some time, but compromises quality. I use a standard lens and take at least 18 photos for each panoramic photo. This makes the entire photo look like the photos you are used to seeing, with no distortion. I take these virtual tours myself so that I can control the quality and get the exact shots I need.
    In addition to the panoramic photos I use standard photos when appropriate and I also recreate a floorplan. Each photo will be shown on the floorplan so the buyer has reference to what part of the home they are viewing. It also will give a good idea of the size of the room. A poor quality virtual tour or one lacking a floorplan will just not give the buyer a good idea of the home.

I have other tools I use along with expertise in many areas of Marketing. Call me or fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I will arrange a time to show you how we can market your home.