Shultz Pass Area

The Shultz Pass area is named based upon its proximity to Shultz Pass road. This area is awesome for its proximity to the forest. There are great mountain biking trails, walking areas and a number of roads that provide great access to the Ponderosa Pines. The homes in this area are typically built in the 1980's and are typically around 3,000 SF or larger. This is mostly horse property and the lots are almost all at least 1 acre in size. For those looking for a "mountain home" this can be a great area.

Creighton Estates

This area is located just off of Magdalena Road. There are some newer homes as a well as some older homes in this area. Most all of this area is horse property, often has good access to well water and much of it is forested with Ponderosa Pines. This is a great area for a Mountain Home!


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