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Fix-up Tips to Get the Most Money for Your Home


A Home that shows exceptionally well helps arouse the prospective buyer’s emotional desire to buy more quickly at a higher price.  First impressions count.  That’s why neat, clean homes get snatched up and others just sit on the market.  Builders spend 100’s of thousands of dollars to stage a model home properly.  They do this for good reason.  Buyers will buy the perceived value of the property...the image and feeling that they get from experiencing the property.  It’s often been said that buyers buy on emotion....It’s true!!

Getting Ready...Start Outside
Stand across the street and look at your home from a potential buyer’s viewpoint.  Next, go to the corners of your back yard and look at your home with the critical eye of a buyer.  Consider the following:


1)  The buyer’s strongest first impression of your home is with the front outside entry and door.

Make this area fresh and inviting with plants, flowers, and as needed, fresh paint.  Make purchases which enhance the appearance of your home—large planters, new entry mats.  You can take these items with you to your new home!


2)  Is there ‘clutter’ in the front or back yard?

Debris, leaves, dead branches, old swing sets, broken lawn furniture?  Pick up tools and toys from the yard.  Put garbage cans in the garage and shut the door.  Are there too many cars parked in the front or driveway?


3)  Is the lawn trimmed, edged, weed-free, and fertilized?


Edge between your lawn, drive, and walkways.  Are the flower and shrubbery beds pruned, free of debris, and fresh looking?  Do they need fresh mulch or plants?  Repair cracks and pull weeks from walkways and the driveway.  If you are an absentee seller, make arrangements for lawn care.


4)  Is the exterior paint fresh?

Hose it down to remove dust and cobwebs.  Touch up or repaint as needed.  The expense of repainting has an excellent return on the dollar.  Are all outside systems working? Is the sprinkler system functioning properly?  Have the cooling and heating units been serviced?


5)  If you have a pool/spa keep it clean and free of leaves and dirt.


Is the pump/filter working properly and fee of any leaks?


6)  Are the patio/deck areas free of clutter? 

Is the outdoor furniture fresh and in good repair?


7)  Sparkling windows are a signal to buyers that you care about your home. 

Wash exterior and interior windows.  Replace or repair screens as needed.


8)  Is the fencing in good repair?

Do gates function properly and are hinges oiled?  Does it need to be painted?


9)  Is the roof in good repair? 

If not, you will probably want to have it fixed, and then paint over any water marks on the ceiling.  Don’t paint to hide a problem, fix and then paint.

Freshen Up The Inside The emotions that you, the Seller, are trying  to stimulate    are    triggered    by    sensory experiences.  Aim for the senses especially touch, smell, and sight.  Uncluttered, clean, fresh-smelling homes sell faster and for higher prices.