Coconino Estates

Coconino Estates is Flagstaff from years ago. It is where the town grew in the 50's & 60's. Therefore most of the homes in Coconino Estates were built in the 50's and 60's. This neighborhood is actually several smaller neighborhoods that are commonly grouped together and called Coconino Estates. Many of these homes have been owned by the same owner for years, much longer than many other areas of town. This leads to good property value compared to similar houses in other areas of town. Some of the homes also have the benefit of a grandfathered well for landscape watering.

Two of the areas in Coconino Estates that stand out from the rest of the neighborhood are Malpais and Kachina Estates. These areas are in the far west part of Coconino Estates. These areas have newer homes, mostly built in the late 80's and are on larger lots. Most of these lots are .5 acres or more and have homes that are some of the nicer homes in Flagstaff.

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