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Flagstaff is experiencing an interesting Real Estate Market this spring. Interest rates are at record low numbers, prices are very low and signs of a change are prominent. In recent months the number of buyers have increased dramatically, the inventory has plumbeted and the market is changing. With the influx of buyers and the possible potential of limited inventory prices should start to slowly climb. Supply and demand should make for an appreciating real estate market in Flagstaff fueling a much better overall real estate market. Buyers should pay close attention to these changes and take advantage of the prices that we currently have. 

Inventory will likely not increase dramatically as buyers should continue to snatch up well priced listings and with the number of homeowners that have negative equity that do not currently qualify for a short sale, there just aren't as many homes that can be sold as there are buyers that would like to purchase. As a buyer this is as important of a time as ever to have an experienced and available agent on your side. Knowing about the listings as soon as they hit the market is critial to ones success. It is very common that listings are pending with 24 hours right now, and even when making an offer the potential of competing buyers is high. Call me today and I will help you take advantage of this great time to buy! 

Sellers that need to sell can also take advantage of the number of buyers that are in the market. If you've been waiting for a better market this is a great time to sell!

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