Housing Prices are actually UP!
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For the first time in many years Last months Median sales price was higher than it was in 2010. There were a similar number of sales and the median sales price was $2,000 higher than April $2010. This small increase from $263,000 to $265,000 is not a big number but it is significant in that it is up at all. Could this be the bottom? Who knows, but it is a good sign that things could be changing, especially for sellers!

Much of the market is currently Distressed Sales. Nearly half of the sales were either Short Sales or Bank owned properties. Only 13% of the listings in MLS are distressed, but half of the sales are.

Mortgage Rates are still very good, even getting better sometimes week to week, inventory is high making this an incredible time to buy. There are many different financing options available.

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