Flagstaff Foreclosure List - Short Sale List
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I'm not sure if it is the only one of its kind locally, but its the only one I can find. I developed a List of Foreclosures in Flagstaff that are updated every thirty minutes. You will find all of the properties that are listed for sale and are in MLS. This is not a list from last week, a list of upcoming foreclosures (that are constantly delayed), these are all Bank Owned, Real Estate Owned (REO) listed properties that can be purchased now. You can typically finance these properties and get them at very good overall values. Contact Me and we will start looking at the Bank Owned Properties in Flagstaff that interest you the most!

I also have a similar list of Short Sales in Flagstaff.You can also find many good properties at great prices that are listed as Short Sales. Short Sales often take a considerable amount of time to purchase, but they can be well worth the wait if you have the time! Lets start looking today!

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