01/28/2015 02:43 PM
Is it Spring yet?

Well it sure feels like it in Flag! Warm Temperatures, rain storms, no snow to be found, but we know its not spring yet because there aren't many homes on the market.... Spring typically brings an increase in temperatures, an increase in listings and an increase in buyers. Odds are this year its going to also bring an increase in Interest Rates. The fed is continually hinting that rate increases are on the Horizon which means less buying power for everyone looking to purchase a Home in Flagstaff that needs financing. Inventory is incredibly low, still many sellers are holding their homes off the market until spring. Based upon what I am seeing, if you are considering selling  your property this spring or summer don't wait! There are a lot of buyers out there and they have little to pick from. Its a sellers market in many segments and we are often seeing multiple offers on homes that are priced correctly. Even though all signs point to this being a sellers market buyers should jump on the opportunity to get one of these incredibly low interest rates. Its a great time to buy or sell in Flagstaff right now for many reason. 

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