03/24/2016 01:03 PM
Big Search Update

Its been quite a while since I did a major update to the functionality of this site. It was LONG overdue!!!

I added some ajax search capabilities to the home page as well as all of the search pages. You now get live search counters in every field that isn't set to a range. I think this will make searching a whole lot more user friendly and informative.


Enjoy and call or email me with any questions, showing requests or inquiries about listings properties. I look forward to hearing from you!

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01/28/2015 02:43 PM
Is it Spring yet?

Well it sure feels like it in Flag! Warm Temperatures, rain storms, no snow to be found, but we know its not spring yet because there aren't many homes on the market.... Spring typically brings an increase in temperatures, an increase in listings and an increase in buyers. Odds are this year its going to also bring an increase in Interest Rates. The fed is continually hinting that rate increases are on the Horizon which means less buying power for everyone looking to purchase a Home in Flagstaff that needs financing. Inventory is incredibly low, still many sellers are holding their homes off the market until spring. Based upon what I am seeing, if you are considering selling  your property this spring or summer don't wait! There are a lot of buyers out there and they have little to pick from. Its a sellers market in many segments and we are often seeing multiple offers on homes that are priced correctly. Even though all signs point to this being a sellers market buyers should jump on the opportunity to get one of these incredibly low interest rates. Its a great time to buy or sell in Flagstaff right now for many reason. 

You're on this site for a reason, its designed well, information is at your fingertips, and its available when you need it. I model my real estate business around the same principles I designed this site. For a best real estate agent you will find Call me! Nick Cosper, 928-225-9333. 

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12/30/2014 10:18 PM
Blue Lights in Honor of Tyler Stewart

As Written by Jake Bacon - AZ Daily Sun Lead Photographer

A House of Honor

Blue Light Christmas Show

Nick Cosper sits in front of his Walnut Ridge home Monday night that has been the site of a Christmas Light Show he spent six months creating.The show features 6,054 fully animated Christmas lights that are handmade and programmed by Cosper to put on a light show choreographed to music. After the shooting death of Flagstaff Police Officer Tyler Jacob Stewart Cosper reprogramed the lights to a blue display featuring a scrolling image of a Flagstaff Police Department badge with a black mourning ribbon. Cosper said that donations collected from the display will be donated to Officer Stewart's family.

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12/30/2014 10:10 PM
Christmas Light Show

As many of you already know, I am the "Christmas Light Guy" as many refer to me during the Holiday Season. I put on a fairly elaborate Animated Christmas Light Display. We raise money each year for a charity, this year raising over $1,700 for Toys for Tots. My display features 10 songs fully animated to Christmas Music, broadcast to each viewers car radio and runs throughout the month of December. Here are some examples of the show.

Merry Christmas!

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06/04/2014 01:29 PM
Flagstaff is one of the Most Underrated Travel Destinations in the USA

All of us from Flag Realize how awesome this place is but much of the country does not. The Huffington Post recently wrote an article about Flagstaff and listed it in the top 18 most underrated travel destinations in the US. Check it out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/global-yodel/the-18-most-underrated-ci_b_5367835.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000009&ir=Hawaii


When you think of Arizona you probably think of a dry and barren desert with a few cacti scattered around for good measure. While some parts of the state might be like this, the area around Flagstaff, in the northern part of the state, is not that way at all. Nestled against the base of soaring, snow-capped mountains, in the middle of the largest contiguous pine forest in the country, Flagstaff is the quintessential outdoorsy college-town. Mountains, canyons, forests, prairies, and even the Painted Desert are all right around Flag, as locals affectionately call this close-knit town. There are so many amazing places that I would love to introduce you to, but I’m going to start with my personal favorite, our beloved mountains, the San Francisco Peaks.

Name:Justin Capp

Academic Advisor/Photographer


Exploring the beautiful state of Arizona while trying to establish and grow my own photography business.

Tell us about the place you live:

The San Francisco Peaks, or just “the Peaks” as locals call them, used to be a massive strato-volcano that towered above everything else in the southwestern United States. When it erupted some tens of thousands of years ago landslides from the eruption caused a valley to be formed in the middle, the Inner Basin, thus giving us the many peaks we see today including the tallest point in Arizona, Humphrey’s Peak, which tops out at 12,633 feet high. The Inner Basin is filled with millions of aspen that turn gold when autumn rushes in, and a dense sea of pines covers the steeper slopes all the way up to treeline. During winter the Peaks are blanketed with hundreds of inches of snow which makes for great skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. Two meadows, Lockett Meadow and the Inner Basin meadow, both offer 360 degree views of forested peaks and are a quiet sanctuary when life gets hectic. If you should ever visit the Peaks I know they will capture your heart the way they have captured mine.

A perfect day?

An early morning hike up the Inner Basin or Weatherford trail in the Peaks, and if I’m feeling ambitious a longer hike up to the higher elevations is sure to leave me breathless, both from the elevation and the view. After hiking I’d spend the afternoon at one of our many amazing local coffee shops in downtown (I recommend Higher Grounds, Firecreek, or Macy’s) editing photos I took from my hike earlier. Later I’d join some friends and enjoy pizza and homemade gelato at Pizzicletta followed by a drink at one of our local breweries (Mother Road is my personal favorite). Finally, I’d take a short drive out of town and into the forest, pull over and turn off all of the lights, and look up to the heavens to view the Milky Way and an ocean of billions of stars as they twinkle in the dark. Flagstaff was the first designated International Dark Sky City in the world so seeing the stars is a must!

What is the best thing about your spot?

The Peaks are right on the edge of town and are designated as a wilderness area. Enjoying that kind of seclusion with an incredible view so close to home is amazing.

What is the worst?

While the Inner Basin is usually pretty secluded, hiking the Humphrey’s Trail to the top of Humphrey’s Peak can become really crowded during the summer. I recommend the Inner Basin and Weatherford trails as more secluded alternatives, though it will take you a lot longer to get to the top.

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider?

You’re in Arizona but you’ll think you’re in Colorado.

Before I die I want to visit: 

Hands down New Zealand. I want to explore every inch of that beautiful country.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

With my love for landscape photographAnsel Adams is my favorite photographer. I have many friends in Flagstaff, though, who are incredibly talented musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, and a variety of other types of artists. Flagstaff is such an artsy town that almost everybody who lives here does something artistic. The First Friday Artwalk on the first Friday of each month is a great way to get a taste for the creativity of this town.


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07/26/2013 02:45 PM
Section 184 Hud Tribal Loan Program

Hud's Section 184 Home Loan is a unique program that is awesome for Tribal members in and around Flagstaff. Native Americans are eligible to purchase property in and around Flagstaff with little downpayment, good interest rates, No Mortgage insurance, construction, rehabilitation are all relatively easy to obtain with this program. It seems as though not many people know about this program but many could benefit. 

With as little as 1.5%-2.25% downpayment Tribal members can purchase property in and around Flagstaff through this program. There aren't many approved lenders for this program so be sure to contact me for a great referral!

Here are some more benefits from the HUD website.

  • Available on tribal trust, individual allotted trust or fee simple land in an Indian operating area
  • Low down payment of 1.25% to 2.25% based on the lower of the appraised value or cost to acquire the home
  • Refinance eligibility
  • The maximum loan is 150% of the FHA mortgage limit subject to appraised value and down payment requirements
  • 1% financeable guarantee fee at closing (no private mortgage insurance or monthly (MIP). It is the lowest cost of any government guarantee or conventional insurance program in Indian country. There is no monthly premium for a 184 loan.
  • Eligibility includes: New construction, rehabilitation and purchase of an existing house
  • One qualifying ratio: 41% total debt to gross income ratio which can be exceeded with compensating factors.
  • Single close construction (permanent) loan where only one closing is required. Monthly mortgage payments begin after closing. At closing the amount allocated for construction or rehabilitation plus a 5-10% contingency and up to 6 months mortgage payments are placed in an escrow account and are drawn down as the work is satisfactorily completed.
  • 100% guarantee to the lender in the event of a foreclosure and claim.
  • A strong secondary market exists: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHLB of Seattle, Ginnie Mae and some state housing finance agencies.
  • Loans may be assumed by a creditworthy borrower that meets program eligibility.
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05/25/2013 10:01 PM
Police officers, Firefighters, teachers, buy a house at 50% off!?!

Talk about a unique program. HUD has a program called Good Neighbor Next Door that applies only to very few homes, but allows certain buyers to purchase a home for 50% of the list price. You just have to commit to live in the property for 36 months. If there ever was a good deal for someone this is it. You don't have many homes to pick from but how many properties can be purchase in Flagstaff for less than $70,000? If you are or know someone who is a Firefighter, Law Enforcement officer, Emergency medical worker, Pre-k through 12th grade kindergarten teacher and wants a screaming deal contact me to find out how!

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03/07/2013 09:20 PM
New Construction - All listings in One place

With the influx of new construction listings and that portion of the market taking off I decided to update my site to make finding all new construction listings a lot easier. Whether you are looking for a townhome to customize or are looking for a completely custom build, this is the place. With the market ever changing www.nickcosper.com is always on top of the changes to help my visitors stay on top of all the changing aspects of the real estate market. Check it out!

Flagstaff New Construction Home Sales

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02/25/2013 02:27 PM
The ONLY up-to-date Flagstaff MLS search

After just checking through all of the first two pages of results for search phrases Flagstaff MLS and Flagstaff Real Estate in google, this site is the ONLY one that has up to date information. No other site, not even Realtor.com is downloading new data from our new MLS. 

With the pace of our market you NEED to be on top of all of the new listings. Use my site and call or email me to take a look at your new home!

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02/24/2013 11:37 PM
NickCosper.com is up to date with the new MLS!

Its been a long couple of days making NickCosper.com compatible with the new MLS. I've done a little redesign to make the listing detail pages more concise, photos are easier to access and will also be compatible with the new MLS's ability to provide Hi-Res photos. All the listings are as up to date as the MLS, be confident when you search my site. I am sure that very few other sites out there will be current with listing since this process is not an easy conversion. 

I have also added a property class to the site for Rentals. I am not handling rentals but I am including the rentals in the searches, maps, and rental link with all details on how to contact the agent that you need to speak with for more info. 

Enjoy and thank you for your patience while some of the data on this site was incomplete.

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